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One of the truisms of this world is that history is written by the victors. What is not explained however is that the victors are not the flag raising armies, they are the country club, boardroom elites who finance and plot the campaigns and world events for their own benefit. Wars, Depressions, Social upheavals, Genocides and just about every other type of event are planned and financed with the cold, hard, calculated objective of increasing power and capital and with little or no regard for the millions who will suffer because of it. 

The Spread of Power

Now before the inevitable cries of conspiracy theory or closet communist etc. are hurled at the messenger it is absolutely indisputable that Communism, Fascism, Capitalism and Socialism have all been systems funded and implemented by elites as part of a very elaborate social-engineering experiment. This experiment which will be discussed later is apparently, coming to a conclusion with the decision to adopt the Chinese model of communism for the entire planet. Remember these control systems are for the public not the elites and therefore when people question why wealthy capitalists would encourage something like communism it is because they established it and will benefit regardless of which system the people are under. 

Note the term ‘elites’ refers to those families who are near the top of the power pyramid, many of whose names are known, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Saxe-Coburg etc., and others who are not as well known. There are many players at various levels of power and influence, including ‘secret’ society networks and others who all contribute ultimately to the enslavement and debasement of humanity for the benefit of a very small, infinitesimally small, group of greedy psychopaths. The fronts for these power “brokers” are the control systems of Finance, Education, Politics, Religion, and Media. 

For many the world as we know it is taken as a given. And while there may be times when one questions just why things are the way they are or how something like that could happen for the most part we continue on our daily path, mostly routine and structured, just trying to stay ahead of the wolves and where possible find some happiness, fulfillment, love and adventure. 

Clearly now there is an awakening and unless someone is walking in their sleep one only needs to look around to see a daily deluge of negative events that reads like an end times menu; continuous conflagrations, new diseases, food shortages, environmental catastrophes, killer storms and floods etc, etc, plus the progressive loss of personal freedoms, jobs, increased economic instability and on and on.

While most will accept this (and the perennial Media explanations) others have gone below the veneer, into the pith of the supports which prop up the world and found them rotten and corrupted to the core. 

So, to understand the what and why of what this crazy world and what it is going through there is a requirement to leave skepticism and prejudice aside and instead bring a healthy curiosity and a discerning mind to the table. With knowledge comes power but also a responsibility to either use that knowledge for good or ill, so-to-speak.