Internet Alert

Is The recently passed Cyber-Security bill a problem?

As many of you are aware the ‘web’ has become the preeminent source of ‘real’ news and uncensored opinion/discussion as opposed to the corporate BS machine.
Unfortunately, even our so-called public radio now sounds exactly the same as the corporate stuff and acts as a government spin machine.
The globalists have witnessed a number of their pet projects shot down thanks to the web; false flags, “swine” flu, global warming etc. They know that a free web is dangerous if not deadly to their agenda and are now moving quickly to clamp down on the most important vehicle for ‘truth’ that we have in this world. The recently passed Cyber-Security bill in the US along with the selective blocking of contentious sites recently in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, France are just a harbinger of what’s in store

A ‘license’ to use the web

Are we heading towards needing bio-metric identification for log-on and other draconian measures which effectively reduce the internet down to a virtual copy of the corporate media and dis-info machine we have today.

We have to say NO,

and more than that we need some of these bright hackers and geeks to come up with a way to keep the freedom train running.