Is Microsuction Earwax removal safer than ear Irrigation?

what is microsuction earwax removal?

  • Is Microsuction safe than Syringing?
    No procedure is risk-free but ear microsuction offers several advantages over syringing : Microsuction may be used even in the presence of ear drum perforation. It is the only technique safe to use for wax/debris removal in the presence of an external or middle ear infection
  • Can Microsuction damage your ears?
    if carried out by an experienced and Qualified Audiologist then Damage to or infection of the skin of the ear canal or the eardrum is very rare. The procedure is considered noisy by some people and it may cause a temporary shift in your hearing thresholds. The procedure may start or aggravate any existing tinnitus but agian this is very rare and is more likely to reduce tinnitus because of the reduction in pressure in the ear after any excessive earwax has been rmoved.
  • Will my tinnitus go away after removing ear wax?
    Once the wax is removed , your tinnitus should return to its previous level. This may take from a few days to a few weeks. You may develop mild tinnitus for the first time if you have a build-up of ear wax , but this normally goes away once the excess wax has been removed . 
  • Will impacted ear wax fix itself?
    When too much earwax builds up (gets impacted ), it can cause symptoms such as temporary hearing loss. Certain health conditions make it more likely to have impacted earwax . You might need special drops to help remove your earwax . 
  • Can earwax buildup cause headaches?
    When this happens, temporary hearing loss can occur, and it can be very uncomfortable for the sufferer. Earwax impactions can also cause headaches , and in some cases balance issues. So, if you have an earwax impaction, it is best to have your audiologist examine your ears and remove the blockage . 
  • Where can I get Earwax removal done in Pinner London?

    Pinner – Private Microsuction Ear Wax Removal In North West London HA5

    If you are looking for where to get microsuction in Pinner, there is a Micro Suction Ear wax Removal Clinic in Pinner which can be found:

    within G & G Pinner Optometrists
    3 Red Lion Parade
    Bridge Street
    HA5 3JD

    Earwax removal is carried out by Qualified Audiologists team lead by Jason Levy of the Earwax Removal Network London

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