To know or not to know!

That is the question!

What’s it all About?

Exoteric-Trauma-LogoVascillating fuel prices, food “shortages”, a tanking economy, the public raping and pillaging by the banking cartels, rumours of war, unemployment, increased police brutality and surveillance, talk of Martial Law, epidemics- just a bad situation? Normal up/down cycles?, bum luck?, it’s life-get over it?

If that’s as far as it goes for you then you definitely need to read on. Does the idea of living in a totalitarian world state where you’re every living moment is monitored and controlled by your ‘betters’ appeal to you? If it doesn’t then use what time you have to get informed. Brave New World was not a story it was a blueprint.

This site’s purpose is to help the average person who is unfamiliar with the information and concepts covered here to educate themselves and to explore the other links and researchers who go into much greater depth and substantiation. Everything listed in these pages has been researched by those found in the ‘Links’ page so, don’t shoot the messengers, read, think, and research some more; then come to a conclusion.

What could be so dangerous?

What could have very powerful people and interests so concerned?

What if most of what we’ve been told, been taught and believed to be true wasn’t?

What if the institutions of information, education, research, entertainment, business, defence and politics were all part of the problem and rarely the solution?

What if there was a “hidden-hand” working over the centuries to create, mould, and control the world and its peoples?

Paranoia, scare-mongering, delusion?

You be the jury and judge for yourself

Disclaimer: Exoteric Trauma is not affiliated with or sponsored by any religious group, business or political party. We do not take responsibility for the veracity of the material presented other than to state that all attempts are made at verifying included information and editorial comments are presented as such.